San Antonio Photography, Wedding & Event Planning Services-related needs

Picturesque provides a wide range of event planning services for weddings, parties, corporate occasions, and any other kind of gathering in San Antonio and nearby areas. We aim to create memorable experiences for you to celebrate in the years to come, so we’re constantly ready to provide anything you need from photography services to flower arrangements to desserts.

We are equipped with all the necessary materials to make your vision a reality, whatever theme you have in mind for your event. Whether you want a modern evening party, a grand riverside wedding, or a simple birthday celebration, Picturesque is sure to help deliver the best event for you.

Our event planning services:

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

This photo booth is far from most events’ traditional setup; with this, your guests can experience a modern way to take pictures by interacting with the magic mirror themselves. Event participants also get to add customized messages to their photos and choose whether to print the final images or have it emailed to them.

Dessert Tables

Complete your event with a table or two of assorted sweets and desserts. We have a long list of available desserts in our menu that we can set up and design in a way befitting your theme. So not only will this feature offer more for your guests to enjoy, but it will also add to the overall aesthetics of the occasion.

Bridal Gowns

Aside from our exemplary event planning services, we also boast a wide bridal gown collection of different styles for those looking forward to their wedding. With so many designs to choose from, you can expect to find one that’s perfect for your wedding’s theme, no matter whether you want a simple and conservative gown or a more elegant and modern one.

Floral Services

Events can never be complete without ornaments such as flowers. And of course, they have to be designed and arranged in a way that perfectly complements your event’s theme. In San Antonio, Picturesque offers these flowering services, and can arrange them together with the rest of your decorations to ensure that all angles of your event stay picture-perfect. Let Picturesque help build you a picture-perfect event and then capture all your unforgettable moments throughout the occasion. And feel free to consult with us if you’re still thinking of a theme! Click on these event planning services to know more about each of them, or you can give us a call to inquire about other event-related needs.